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The best way to demonstrate Visual EstiTrack™ is to see it for yourself. This page displays a selection of screens which explain and show the core sections of the program. To see a full-size screen, click the caption above each small screen image. If these screens pique your interest, you can schedule a FREE DEMO by filling out a simple form. For more information, please contact our headquarters or one of our dealers.

Customer Maintenance Screen

Visual EstiTrack™ allows you to capture and track all of your important customer and lead information within Customer Management. This information also includes sales figures.


Quotations Screen 

Visual EstiTrack's Job Estimating system allows you to quickly and accurately generate quotes. Because EstiTrack automates most quote calculations you can spend more time performing important "what if" analysis. With EstiTrack, many quotation alternatives can be generated quickly so that the BEST one can be selected, not just the first one. And since EstiTrack's Production Tracking system is fully integrated with the Job Estimating you'll know how well you quoted. This will make your re-quotes more accurate thus allowing you to keep all your jobs profitable.


Orders and Releases

EstiTrack's Orders and Releases system allows you to quickly define and track Sales Orders and Shop  Orders. Shop Orders can be generated based on existing quotes or be created at the Order level without a quote in Visual EstiTrack. Defining a quote one time will allow you to use the same production information, e.g., Operations and Inventory, every time you get an order.


Scheduling Screen

Visual EstiTrack™ has a sophisticated yet easy-to-use Forward and Backward Finite Scheduling system. Automatic/Priority Scheduling is based first on the Priority Number established by you, the earliest Due Date and the first available Workcenter within a Scheduling Group.


Visual Shop Management

Visual EstiTrack™ allows you to view all of your Workcenters all at one time or by Scheduling Group and any date range. These Workcenters can be moved around with your mouse so you can duplicate your shop floor layout. Utilization % and color change is based on the date range. Each Workcenter can be modified with a click of a mouse button. You can also display a Gantt Chart or monitor your in-process jobs.


Inventory Screen

Visual EstiTrack™ easily handles all your inventory needs as well. EstiTrack's Inventory Maintenance screen allows you to enter and track any type of inventory from raw material to finished goods to tooling for jobs. When the RAW Inventory Type is chosen you will be able to allocate inventory to different Shop Orders in the second screen, Inventory Allocations. EstiTrack automatically calculates and displays the material requirements for each Shop Order Number listed. As you use inventory in the running of a job, EstiTrack automatically recalculates and displays the material required to finish the scheduled quantity.


Remote Time Collection

Clicking an Employee Time Card or Swiping a Bar Coded Employee Badge allows an employee to quickly clock-in to work. When an employee clocks In/out, the Time and Date Pause and Turn RED so that the Employee can see their Clock In/Out Time. The employee can also review their Time Card at any time by selecting the View Time Card Option shown below. When an employee is capturing time for a job, they can swipe the Job Number in from a Bar Coded Routing Report. The employee simply needs to click a button to tell EstiTrack how time is being spent. EstiTrack will then Track the Elapse time and automatically create your Job Cards for you.

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