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The General Ledger Custom Report Writer has the following features:

1. Design GL Reports that have up to 13 columns of data.

2. Define you own custom default report criteria such as:

   - Include Account Numbers
   - Include Only Non-Zero Accounts
   - Include Detailed and Master Accounts Only
   - Include Headers and Totals Only
   - Include Sub-Account Balances
   - Include Departments/Division Detail
   - Filter by Division and/or Department

3. Define custom Title, Header, Footer and Summary Bands. Optional inclusion of the following data elements in each band are:

   - Report Title
    - Company Name
    - Report Description
    - Current Date and Time
    - Page Number
    - General Notes (text)
    - Border lines at top and/or bottom

4. Define what columnar fiscal data will appear on the report including:

    - Choose between actual and budget balances
    - Define Fiscal range of data such as (Period to Date, Quarter to Date,
      Year to date and User Defined) 
    - Define fiscal ranges as current or relative to the report date or as an
      absolute date in time.
    - Flexible numeric representation of debit/credit data
    - Option to automatically round numbers to nearest dollar 

5. Perform complex math functions on your columnar data including:

    - Cumulative Balance
    - Average Balance
    - Maximum Balance
    - Minimum Balance
    - Variance of Balance
    - Variance of Two Columns
    - Percent of Two Columns
    - Percent of Account Type (e.g., Assets, Income)
    - Percent of Account Range
    - Percent of Predefined Range (Predefined Account Number ranges) 

6. Rows are defined by GL Accounts. Now you can perform complex formatting of your GL Account data and user defined text including:

    - Account Numbers
    - Account Number Range
    - Predefined Account Range
    - Account Type Range
    - Group Sub-Total
    - Sub-Total
    - Total
    - Grand Total
    - Header Text
    - Text Line(s)
    - Blank Line(s)
    - Zero Grand Total
    - Page Break

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