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Fabricators have unique needs and challenges and Henning Software can help.

Some fabricators create large one-of-a-kind structures while others are primarily involved in production runs and just-in-time delivery schedules.

All fabricators face common market challenges including competitive bidding and managing tight profit margins.

Visual EstiTrack provides a full range of easy-to-use, powerful features designed to help improve profitability and competitiveness including:

  • Integrated, multi-level BOM
  • On-Board sheet metal and raw material calculators
  • Raw Material calculators and automated inventory control
  • Point-and-click detail routing
  • Attached part drawings and documents
  • Bar-coded data collection
  • Track progress in real-time including processes, time, materials, labor and burden costs

Visual EstiTrack provides the tools to manage fabrication shop challenges with an acclaimed estimating system that includes an integrated multi-level BOM, on-board sheet metal and raw material calculators to provide fast and accurate estimates, point-and-click to detail routing, efficiency calculators, comprehensive part revision tracking, attached part drawings and documents, and so much more. With easy navigation, it takes only one move to access part histories, create orders, create purchase orders, shipping docs, track lots/certs, automate shipping and invoicing, all with no double entry. 


The Right Combination:
Easy-To-Use Shop Software 
Backed By Personal Service
"Learning Visual EstiTrack went really well. The personal services you get from them are a big plus in my book. I had to deal with people in the past who never knew you and you never knew them. There was no personal relationship there. All they knew was what they read on the computer from the last person that talked to you. It was just aggravating to have to deal with that type of a situation."
Matt Owens,
Arkco Machine Products, Inc.

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